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Home Repair Estimate

Take fast action after the home inspection

The Home Repair Estimate is the second half of the home inspection. It's the most in-depth, easy-to-read report on the house's condition along with a list of repair cost estimates identified from the inspection. It's the information you need to be able to negotiate with confidence - all delivered within 24 hours and with guaranteed satisfaction.

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How it works, in three easy steps

1. Upload the home inspection

Once you receive the home inspection, you or the buyer simply uploads a copy of the PDF, and we'll get to work!

2. Majordomo analyses everything

A human - not an algorithm - reviews your home inspection. Repairs are researched to get local cost estimates. We compile all the details into a Home Repair Estimate and deliver it to you within 24 hours.

3. Take action with the Home Repair Estimate

Use the Home Repair Estimate's estimates, reports, and request list to take action on the property. Increase your chances for successful negotiations or prepare your home for sale.

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Defects identified and prioritized

At the core of the Home Repair Estimate is a list of repairs based on defects identified in the inspection. We tell you where the repairs need to happen, prioritize them, estimate costs, and identify the type of contractors who could do the work – all linked to the page number of the home-inspection report.

Precise local estimates, reviewed by humans

Majordomo's cost estimates are based on more than 30 years of research on 20,000 project estimates from 35,000 providers of materials, equipment, and labor across the US. Every Home Repair Estimate is reviewed by an industry expert before it's sent to you. Learn more

Simple request list export

Build a custom request list of repair requests, credit amounts, and items accepted as-is. Export a professional-looking addendum attachment to use when negotiating with sellers. Learn more

Easy to share

You get built-in tools to easily share the Home Repair Estimate and collaborate with buyers during the inspection review period.

1. Upload Home Inspection

Simply upload a PDF of your home inspection.

Rest easy while Majordomo experts analyze your inspection and prepare your Home Repair Estimate.

Get started and upload the home inspection

Get these free extras with your Home Repair Estimate

Additional resources

Explore: We offer a full page of online resources, specific to your local area, to help buyers. The information includes homeowner rebates, permits, maps, utilities and much more Learn more

Documents: Save your home inspection report, photos and other important documents to Majordomo Documents and access them from any web browser; this service is free forever with every Home Repair Estimate. Learn more

24-hour access

Access Majordomo on your computer, smartphone or tablet anytime. Have a question? Majordomo is ready to help with 24-hour chat and customer support.

100% satisfaction

60-day money-back guarantee

If you don't love the Home Repair Estimate, we'll return 100% of your money. But we're confident you'll love it. Here’s why:

Majordomo's repair-estimate data comes from analysts who study contractor and insurance invoices for 20,000 projects from 35,000 providers for material, equipment, labor and installation costs across the US. This lets us create highly accurate localized estimates for your specific market. Learn More

We invite you to use the Home Repair Estimate with your home inspection and receive repair estimates within 24 hours. We're confident you'll be impressed with its completeness, readability and accuracy.

So here's our offer: If you don’t love the Home Repair Estimate or if the estimates aren't accurate, we'll refund 100% of your money. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Disclaimer: Thumbtack is not a home inspection company and is not responsible for the contents of your home inspection report. Prices listed in your Home Repair Estimate are estimates and actual prices will vary depending on many factors. Prioritizations in your Home Repair Estimate are based upon either the original inspection report results, or Thumbtack’s judgment made without expertise and without an opportunity to view the property. Prioritizations are solely an opinion that should not be relied upon without consulting a service professional with a specialization in the issue at hand. Inspector Notes are based solely on a review of your home inspection report and should not be relied upon without consulting a service professional. Always consult a professional to determine next steps. Your use of the Home Repair Estimate constitutes your agreement with Thumbtack’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.